Friday, October 9, 2009

YAY im a blogger

SO Im a little behind on the whole Blogging thing, Im pretty sure my mom probably has one now, lol. so I figure I best catch up with the times and start a blogging..

Give me time to make this look all purty.. Im a very indecisive person( ask my husband) ..

and can get a little perfection obsessed, which annoys everyone ,, including me, but does have its good points , especially when it comes to sewing...

Ive been working on an applique that took both indecisiveness and perfection drivin OCD personality traits to make it looks as pretty as it does..

Im hoping to have this dress posted on Monday or Tuesday October 12-13th.. Hoping, if you visit thebackporchboutique often you know i am infamous for posting 2 days later than i say **blush**, but i promise it will be worth the wait,, 2 beautiful dresses in the works..

One involves and incredible amount of applique, like lots, and lots,, and lots

I LOVE APPLIQUE, I love love cutting it out and placing it and replacing it, and replacing ,,,,,, and replacing it,, until it looks perfect. I love the *fresh* clean look it has before you iron it on, I love holding the item up in the mirror to see what it will look like on..

I dont mind sewing the appliques on, but i do get a little ADD.. sew a leaf, check email, sew a branch, get some coffee,, IM pretty sure my appliques could be done a lot faster If this wasnt the situation, but hey, this is how ive been doing it, and it seems to work, so why try and change it..

I am taking Wedding dress orders for 2010.. Im really wanting to get into the wedding dress side of things more and more,,, I find myself obsessed with detail a little more every year,,

I just took an order for a dress with an INSANE amount of applique, that im super excited about,, this wont be available for viewing until around July 2010,

I hope to order some hemp silk VERYYYY soon, yes yes, i do keep saying this,, but im totally for real this time,, haha, its on my shopping list!

Here is sneak peak of the dress I am working on, this applique wil go around the entire bottom of the dress,, this is only part of the bottom(in the pic),, and isnt quite finished( i may add more applique or beadwork i havent decided) its not the greatest picture, but gives ya little idea,

also another picture of another dress that will be available as well..

sorry for the sloppy blog, sloppy pics, just slop in general,lol,, I promise to make it all fancy asap..